Dark and Cold Tonemap Fix (compatible with AMD cards)


This is a very light visual mod that improves the color palette. It de-surates and darkens the colors and especially Red and Green for a more Dark and Cold visual atmosphere.

It is based on the SweetFX suite but only uses the Tonemap function. Does not effect Anti Aliasing or Sharpening. You can still adjust these in the in-game options. This means that it is especially light for the computer. It can work with any graphics card and it is also perfectly suited for the AMD graphics cards that do not take good advantage of SweetFX anti-aliasing.

Advice about in-game settings
You can still adjust all the in-game settings, including Anti Aliasing, Sharpening etc.
Anti Aliasing is a must and does not decrease performance.
Sharpening is great too and does not decrease performance.
Bloom is nice but it sometimes gives the game a washed out feel. This mod tries to fix that, but for even more consistently dark colors try to disable Bloom.
If the game feels too dark or too bright try using Full Sreen mode and adjust the Gamma.

  1. Download Dark and Cold Tonemap Fix at Nexus Witcher 3 Mods 
  2. Extract the downloaded file somewhere in your computer.
  3. Copy and Paste the extracted files and folders into the "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64" folder (or wherever there is the witcher3.exe)

That's it. If the new settings compile successfully, next time you play the game, you will see a related message in the loading screen of the game.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Please note: I was not able to take good screenshots. The screenshots uploaded are of very low quality and very low resolution. If someone is kind enough to use the mod and upload some nice screenshots I'd really appreciate it.
Witcher 3 graphics mod
After vs Before comparison. Click to enlarge.
witcher 3 dark and cold graphics mod

SweetFX witcher 3 dark and cold graphics

AMD GPU witcher 3 dark and cold graphics