The Witcher 2 Review Compilation

How do critics and gamers rate the Witcher 2 Assasins of Kings?

The short answer is GREAT! But let's get down to the gory details.

Game Journalist reviews overview

I know you like scores and ratings and stars. Well the following picture is probably familiar to you. It is the first thing Google shows when you search for "The Witcher 2 review".

Quite amazing, huh? Not too many games can boast that kind of critical acclaim. Only the likes of legendary epic games like Skyrim, Mass Effect and Fallout. (I intentionally leave out Dragon Age series because they are second rate in comparison to the Titans of the RPG genre, but that's another story.) So Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings was a huge hit from the reviewers point of view. Period.

Game journalist best comments

Gamespot 9
"And what a world it is, alive with activity yet tinged with violence and sorrow. The opening moments ready you for the game's brutal overtones, showing a captive Geralt of Rivia whipped and taunted by his jailers."

"The greatest draw in The Witcher 2 are the ways Geralt can affect the world through the story. For those who are attracted to the choose-your-own-adventure style storytelling from games like Bioware's Mass Effect or Dragon Age, you are in for a treat."
Petit (93/100)
" Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. A true, polished diamond. Watch and learn Bioware."
"That world is one of The Witcher 2's greatest strengths. It's not just a "living, breathing" world. It's a living, eating, fighting, f*cking, swearing, desperate world that feels like the most important things happening aren't affected at all by Geralt's existence."
PC Gamer (89/90)
"The Witcher 2 is a game that shoots for the sun while its rivals are still lining up their sights on the moon. It's an AAA RPG with an indie soul, and a charged, exciting adventure you can really sink your teeth into, admire, and for the most part, love.
Last minute collapse onto its own silver sword aside, this is one of the most impressive RPGs you'll ever play."
IGN (8.5)
"Games usually create places full of marble palaces and gorgeous architecture, wide streets and bustling town centers. These, meanwhile, are ramshackle, grimy places where the tension between humans and non-humans constantly threatens to bubble up into mob violence."

Game journalist criticism

"it's a finale without bite"
"The Witcher 2 stumbles plenty, stubborn in its lack of communication with the player and often failing to meet those aforementioned ambitions."
PC Gamer
"The Witcher 2 often feels like CD Projekt struggled to take a step back from their game, or were unwilling to bring in fresh eyes to playtest it. Quest markers and descriptions are frequently confusing, wrong, or just plain missing - very much the sort of mistake someone wouldn't notice if they already know where they were going and why. As for the plot, there's so much lore and so many factions and elements that go unexplained that it's easy to feel lost. Technically, yes, much of the information is available in expensive real-world books and in Geralt's journal, but neither is any use when you're trapped in a key conversation with no idea why everyone hates Nilfgaard, or the political implications of a Temeria/Redania pact."
"Getting used to the layout of these myriad functions on the 360 pad takes a good hour."

Player Reviews Score: 9/10

Here is a very detailed player review
"The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings" is mature and intelligent. Minor menu interface issues and lack of some game options can't stop this masterpiece from blasting-off into the stratosphere. Should you play this? Are you a RPG fan? Did you like any of the games I've mention in this review? Then yes. This game is an absolute must play for any action adventure RPG fan"
Player positive review
You feel that whoever made the game really cared and also loves to play games.
Gameplay is thick with adult themes portraying a realistic living world with no unrealistic keeping it safe nonsense. Theres violence,sex with all out nudity, high quality voice acting, detailed inspiring graphics with no sense of repetition in landscape and character design. Combat is intuitive with a top notch tutorial brilliantly implemented to the start of THE WITCHER 2 to learn the game mechanics and become familiar with the world which aids in immersing the player quickly to the world of the Northern Kingdoms instead of feeling like an alien just dropped down on a strange planet one supposedly spent ones life in.
"I don't see the "mature" game everyone was talking about. What's mature about it, someone explain? Gratuitous sex and nudity is not a sign of maturity, rather the opposite. But maybe I forget that most gamers are still adolescents."

The Witcher 2 Video reviews

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