15 Witcher 3 gameplay Wallpapers

Scenery - NPCs - Gerald - Fights - Monsters - Quests - Sex

If you want video go watch the 6 best gameplay videos. If you want info go read our full witcher 3 presentation. If you just looking for eye-candy in high resolution click the images below.
north kingdom city
A city in the north

witcher npc quest
Friendly faces
witcher 3 world graphics
Have a change of scene
the world of witcher 3
witcher 3 npc
The king
ally npc
Is this your ally or foe?
witcher 3 monster
What's not to love about it?
witcher 3 fight
Looking good
Gerald is a witcher
Kill first ask questions later
gerald skill tree
I see dead people
Gerald alchemy
Like my make-up?
wild hunt boss fight
Wild Hunt Boss
witcher 3 romance
Make love not war