Witcher 3 graphics worse than Witcher 2?

Yep, the highly touted Witcher 3 visuals are possibly worse than those of Witcher 2.

I love the Witcher series. I hate to complain. And I'm happy that Witcher 3 runs on my low spec system despite the really high official minimum requirements.

witcher 3 graphics downgrade
Visual downgrade is evident
Personally, I'm not against "optimizing" game visuals; even if this means downgrading them a bit. A beautiful game that can not run in my computer is no use to me and I would choose a playable game than an unplayable one any day. First here is some proof of the graphic downgrade.

comparison image of graphic downgrade
The graphics downgrade is even more obvious if we compare the current build with the 2013 trailer
However I believe Project Red did something wrong with their resources and the use of computer resources if A modded Witcher 2 or Skyrim look better and run faster (frames per second) than the Witcher 3.

witcher 2 vs witcher visuals
Comparing framerates and visuals of witcher 2 and witcher 3

high resolution witcher 2 modded
A very high res image of a madded Witcher 2 build. Looks amazing.

Skyrim modded screenshot
High resolution screenshot of a highly modded Skyrim. It's 5 years old game and looks amazing.
witcher 3 gameplay screenshot
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gameplay screenshot. Doesn't look amazing
Still, love the game.